ExpertOption withdraw money

ExpertOption withdraw money

ExpertOption Withdrawal Methods:

ExpertOption withdraw methods

ExpertOption supports E-wallets, credit cards, and bank wires. If you want to make a withdrawal on ExpertOption with your credit card you can do it via Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, and UnionPay. You can also use E-wallet for your ExpertOption withdrawal. E-wallets available: YandexMoney, Qiwi, WebMoney, Skrill, and Neteller. Every single payment method on ExpertOption is safe.

Trader chooses the most comfortable method for him according to the country he live in. Note that credit cards will take a longer time to proceed rather than e-wallets which are faster in transactions.   

What is minimum amount for withdrawal?

ExpertOption minimum amount withdraw

The minimum withdrawal amount on Expertoption is $10. You can’t make a withdrawal with a less amount of money because of terms of ExpertOption. But you always can contact to ExpertOption team and ask them to withdraw s smaller amount.

What is maximum amount for withdrawal?

ExpertOption maximum amount withdraw

You can withdraw up to $1.000.000 per day. You can make a lot of requests for a withdrawal and withdraw as much as you need for a couple of days.

ExpertOption withdraw fees.

ExpertOption has no withdrawal fees. Only a payment system may charge a commission for the processing of transactions. Also ExpertOption broker offers a good limits for a withdrawal. But if you want to withdraw money right after the deposit was made and you haven’t even traded, ExpertOption can take for about 4% of commission because payment providers take this fees from ExpertOption.

How long does it take to withdraw money  from ExpertOption?

Withdrawals are usually processed within 2 days. The profit can be withdrawn only by using the same method that was used for depositing.

What i have to do if i didn’t receive money?

Initially there can be a up to 10 days delay of a bank transaction. You also need to be sure that you didn’t received your money. The first you can do is check the status of your request (requested, which means that broker knows that trader asked for a withdrawal of funds, in the process, which means the withdrawal is being handled and processed which means that traders can see their earnings on their accounts very soon). Trader always can contact the ExpertOption support and explain the situation in details, and get answered at the most close time.

My ExpertOption withdrawal request is rejected.

A trader must to be sure that his account is verified (you will need to send a scan of your passport or ID). ExpertOption can also ask for some additional documents while making a withdrawal (bank statement or utility bill). If your withdrawal is rejected after you have completed all these steps, contact ExpertOption 24/7 support, they will help you.

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  1. i trade with my friend together for last 3 month and use social trading it helped me and my friend receive in last payment about 18300 usd on my account and totally amount is about 60,000 dollars

  2. I requested a withdrawal for the amount I have deposited. I have sent them the Id and stuff the only thing I dont have is a bank statement or a bill. Why is it so hard to get my moneyback? It’s just really frustrating.

  3. Hi there!
    I used my master credit card to deposit money on expertoption, then it was successfully transferred. But how about if I want to withdraw my winnings money into my local bank account if not allowed to add another one card.
    Remember credit card could only use to pay online bills and goods but you cant withdraw money. So is it possible if Im going to withdraw money from expertoption Into credit card then the money will only add to my credit limits?

    1. Hi, you can withdraw money only to bank card that you used for deposit and no more than amount of all deposits… All other balance you can withdraw with any withdraw method you want.

      1. What if I still want to use the debit card? Why change the withdrawal method at all then, is it a must I change the withdrawal method after withdrawing first with debit card?

      2. @Admin “Hi, you can withdraw money only to bank card that you used for deposit and no more than amount of all deposits”

        Please clarify….I understand the part about withdrawing the funds on the same way you deposited the funds. Clafify, ” and no more than the amount of all deposits”

        Are you saying if I deposit $100, then trade it to $1000, and want to withdraw the $900 profit, i cannot, because I have only deposited $100?

        About to fund my new account…need clarification.

        1. for example if you deposit by card 100usd and trade it to 1000usd, you can withdraw to bank card 100usd and rest of earning 900usd by any other method that you want.

            1. It’s depends on your country.. i recommend open account in Neteller, Skrill, Perfectmoney, or find come Crypto Exchange (coinmarketcap.com/rankings/exchanges/liquidity/) and exhange crypto to fiat on crypto exchange

            1. yep, for example if you made deposit on 50usd and made profit up to 1000usd… 50usd you have to withdraw to same bank card and rest amount 950usd to any other method… for example Crypto, Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney, Perfectmoney… i recommend use crypto… for example EO.Finance.. also you can open accounts on crypto exhanges, full list of cryppto exhanges: coinmarketcap.com/rankings/exchanges/liquidity/ some of them offer Wiretransfers, some of them offer transfer crypto to bank cards… Also you can try open account in wirexapp.com bank they can provide you with bank card and exchange crypto to money(fiat)…
              So.. for me best way is makde withdraw in Crypto and then exhange it to real money.

          1. How do I register for the others methods of withdrawing I am from uganda the others withdrawal options are rare to find only western union,

  4. Can I use ATM/Shopping cards to deposit in expert option???? And can I withdraw through these cars??? I can’t understand please tell me!!! Thank you.☺️☺️☺️☺️

  5. Why do you guys make depositing the money so easy but the withdrawal difficult.
    I deposited with tigo cash but can’t withdraw my profit through this means.
    I tried with a mastercard and it wasn’t successful too what is this stress.

    1. I withdrew $20 and I still haven’t gotten it after 11 days.
      Email said:
      “Dear ****

      Your withdrawal request at ExpertOption (******) from 29-05-2020 15:37:07 of the amount $ 20.00 has been processed. We’ve sent you $20.00.”

  6. I was about to deposit 500 usd then saw this

    Thank you for all your comments stop me from making a huge mistake

    Is there any platform like Expert Options but makes the withdrawal process easier.?

    Also correct me if I’m wrong, but you can only withdrawal what you deposit so wh set about the profit you make can you withdrawal that on the same card you used to make the deposit.

    Otherwise whats the point.

  7. When deposit u guys dun ask for our Id or whatever things we need to prove who we are but when withdraw you need to much shit from us?? But if I deposit and amount from my credit card and why can’t I withdraw my winnings and initial deposit back to my credit card?? Since u can withdraw out my money thru credit card without scanning for my id when the need to scan me if I withdraw and can’t withdraw the money back to the initial card I deposit the money??????

  8. He’ll sir
    I am sunil from India.. I am beginner
    If I deposit 786 via card.. Below online show your card Will be charged 9.72 EUR means more than deposit value… How 8s it? Is it Offordabl e

  9. I have places withdrawal request yesterday to my credit card from which i made the deposit and the status shows as paid. how long it takes to credit the amount to my card limit.

    1. Its depends on bank. It can take from 1 day up to 1 week… if you didn’t receive money please contact to ExpertOption support by email help@expertoption.com and aks them to provide you with ARN transaction number. You have to take ARN number and go with this number to the bank and aks them help you to find transaction by ARN number.

  10. My withdrawal was declined when I withdrew with Skrill. The reason expertoption gave was “payment to the account with the specified details wasn’t completed successfully”. My Skrill account are perfectly fine. What’s the meaning of specified details wasn’t completed successfully?

    1. Some time status of skrill account doesn’t allow receive money from business accounts. Could you contact to Skrill support directly?

  11. It’s been 4days I initiated a withdrawal but haven’t gotten any feedback.
    You guys at expert option. Air deposit very easy and stress free but when it comes to withdrawal you make people pass through tell to get thier money back,you people need to ease off the plenty verification methods.
    Not impressed at all.

  12. 1. Is there any obligatory minimum amount in my account before my 1st withdrawal and other withdrawals?
    2. When I withdrawal money should I keep any minimum amount in my account?
    Kindly help

  13. I made some profit but I have a been waiting for my withdraw to neteller to be processed for almost two weeks now and it has been a frustrating process. I only get a response that the financial department has been contacted and will process the payment only for me to wait in vain. Customer service is great but when it comes to withdrawing the funds it has been a very frustrating process for me.

    I wish I would get help because the customer service only tell me they cannot do anything beyond sending a reminder to the financial department to process my withdrawal. Expert option needs to change this if they want to have long term clients.

  14. Withdrawing money from our account is a breeze but when we withdraw u make us go thru helll just to withdraw $10 .guess u are not a company I will trust in and above comments kinda embezzlement .if u can withdraw from our credit cards means our card is legit but y can’t we withdraw our winning back inside our credit card

  15. Hello ExpertOption team.
    I started trading with your app this morning after making a profit of $10 I tried a withdrawal that was successful accepted according to the platform but I received nothing in my bank account. What’s the real problem, please I need a help. Thanks in advance

  16. I deposited 50 dollars in expertoptions thru my visa card. got 50 dollar bonus. started trading. earned 10 dollars so Total amount. 110 dollars now I wanted to withdraw my initial 50 dollars to my visa card back. They sent me an email of confirmation that 50 dollars are sent to your account 12 hours ago. Should I hope and wait for a week that i will get my 50 dollars on my visa card. As I have heard that visa card transactions are not received usually while using these binary options scam.

  17. Expertoption owners have been heirs all the clients complaining so they should be find solutions to their problems before customers started left your platform.

  18. Many thanks to one and all for your valuable hints! I have been very much tempted to sign up and trade with EO Brokers. Having read all these negative comments I wouldn’t be caught dead signing up, here. The facts for making it so difficult to withdraw money speak for themselves. You EO guys hopefully get a taste of your own medicine, soon.

  19. I am from Namibia and they have sent me an email.that my money is sent to my account but when I check my balance there is nothing.
    How can I even use the Bitcoin address if I do not have one I need help

          1. Hi.. i have been trying to make a deposit with my mtn moblie money transfare but i am having difficulties. When i type my mobile money details.. i’ asked for a secret id. I dont know what that is about. A little help please?

  20. Hi there. I deposited $50 through my bank account but I want to withdraw with my card. I only submitted my identity card detail. When I tried to upload my card detail, I pressed the upload documents icon but it doesn’t proceed to the next part. What should I do?

  21. There should be a step by step for each of the payment method. You just talk about the various mode of payment but you don’t go futher to give a step by step procedure on each of the payment options

  22. Hello im jade,i made a widrawal twice and that was 9th and 11th of march this year and still i recieved that amount in my debt card account that same i used to deposit the money .

  23. Прочитав все комментарии о процессе вывода средств, я решил сделать свой первоначальный депозит.

  24. I withdraw 100$ and it said that it has been processed and sent to my account last april 13 but up to now it hasn’t been reflected to my account.

  25. If i deposit 200 usd, I will get 200 usd bonus. So I have a total of 400 usd in my account. In case that I did not earn anything for the past week and decided to withdraw my 200 usd, will the 200 usd bonus remain in my account?

  26. From the beginning during Sept 2020 they pushed me to invest more and more money because they say the more money you invest the larger sum of money you can make which make sense to me. So up to oct 2020 I’ve made $2285 ending 24 oct 2020.

  27. Hi! Can anyone help me with deposit money?? I can pay them the amount for deposit.. plsss because my transactions are being declined by the bank.

  28. Hi Elena,
    Have you been able to successfully withdraw them?
    You are from which country?
    If yes by what method did you made withdrawal and
    In how many days it got credited to your account in your country’s currency?

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