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Strong review and check up of most popular binary options and Forex forums with notices that some traders like Expert Option and some traders don’t like at all. Of Course you have to understand that mostly traders don’t like write positive comment because they don’t want do it at all but you can see they do it. It’s looks really good!

Comment from forum about ExpertOption

expertoption forum 1

Some trader write that its most important to study trading before start trading. We also think that you need spend some time for education.

Expertoption and result

expertoption forum 2

Trader tell us some things that he used some robots for trading. Of course some traders uses robots for trading but we don’t recommend do it at all.

Investing to ExpertOption

expertoption forum 3

Trader tell us that he going invest some money to broker because he saw comment on the forum that friend trading here also.

Where to start trade?

expertoption forum 4

This guy don’t know where he can start to trade he wants find some opinion about brokers. We can say you that you can start with Expert Option.

About trading robots and ExpertOption

expertoption forum 5

It’s really risky use some robots for trading. Nobody earn with them. You have to trade your self to start earn.

Comment from Scambroker

expertoption forum 6

Top trader earned 25000 usd  long time ago and tell to traders that his balance so huge fo usual trader.

Scambroker user and

expertoption forum 7

Positive and negative post from traders on the forums about broker.

New comment from Scam Broker

expertoption forum 8

Question about withdraw. Everybody would like know about withdraw process and how much they can earn here.

ForexPeaceArmy forum post

expertoption forum 9

Trader didn’t know about bonus terms and started use the bonus. We strongly recommend read terms of each website and specially financial websites to be sure that is compatible for you.

Forex Peace Army forum cooment

expertoption forum 10

One of Asian trader sent us this comment on ForexPeaceArmy post. His eanglish not so good but we see that he withdraw his money from

Binary Options forum

expertoption forum 11

One of the top trader sent us great comment in the binary option forum with his crazy withdraw Expert Option balance.

Vietnamese trader withdraw from

expertoption forum 12

We just found post on the Forex forum. One trader was not so happy with his 6 withdraw and 1 deposit. As you can see he withdraw 6 time with sum 15,000,000 and deposited once with 1.000.000. So he multiply his money 15 times. Why he not happy? We made full invigoration and found that he didn’t recognize at the beginning his deposit. So we recommend most carefully check all your deposit and don’t complain brokers without reasons.

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  1. Everyone knows that we can make money by trading assets on exchanges, but I recently tried trading in the expertoption project, and I really liked it! everything works at the highest level.

  2. Good day friends, i want to warn you strictly on this broker, please don’t ever invest with this broker because they are thieves and they stole my money. Well with the help of Martha i was able to recover all that was stolen from me.

  3. i want to know if this expert option is a scam for real, and i intend to use this expert option to make my earning easier so if it possible can you show me a full proof that this expert option is not a scam?

  4. I think that this pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple sources of income, unfortunately, having a job does not mean security, so I really appreciate your transparency and helping people at this alarming time.

  5. Can someone tell me how I can start trading binary options for real money? While I’m trading on expertoption only on a demo account, I seem to have learned, now I’m thinking of starting on a real account.

  6. people say binary options brokers are scam, i can boldly say that’s not true because i have been doing a lot of trading not only that, i have been doing a lot of winnings sometime ago a friend refereed me to One Mr Dylan for assistance with his help and his masterclass strategy I’m able to make $15,000 weekly and a successful withdraw and also recovered all my lost funds,

  7. Hello, I’m from Bosnia. This is in Europe. Which trading application is most suitable for me for this broker?

  8. After putting a large amount on my account, I’ve watched how my balance would go higher and higher. And , of course, seeing this “proof” of how I’m good at it.

  9. Initially, I invested a total of $ 105,000 in 5 weeks. My bonus / profit was $ 830,000. I still earn and withdraw money until now

  10. I found a lot of positive reviews about this broker on the Internet and decided to try to make money myself!
    As a result, I earned $490 in a week and this is just the beginning!

  11. Hello, do you need to make any attachments in this application? Or something else like if the arrow goes down, then you have to pay money? I’m just a newbie and I don’t understand anything🤔

  12. I tried to enter and withdraw via the master card. everything worked correctly though 4 days of the type checked something there but the money came back. I threw in $ 10, studied the program, made $ 20, and also deducted $ 10. the remainder lost)

  13. The key to successful trading is to find the strategy that best suits your personality; risk aversion, timeframes, trading style, and the most convenient.

  14. I make a profit from trading, I used to think it was impossible, but today I was able to pay off all my debts with the profit I make

  15. I am from India, I like your site and I am happy to be profiting from binary trading with my recent recommended broker, I am so happy

  16. I never knew that trading could be so profitable, I have always traded on my own, I never knew that there are professionals who can help … I came across you and made a good profit

  17. Great review of broker, your explanations helped me to understand better, as I was very confused before

  18. I found so many interesting reviews on this page given to brokers, now I am even more sure that this is not a divorce!

  19. It is not so easy to understand this, but your articles are very helpful, thank you very much, it is very useful.

  20. expertoption promises to be a successful alternative to making money on the Internet, I would like to learn more about it and try to understand it is not so easy, but your articles help a lot, thank you very much, it is very useful.

  21. The key to successful trading is to find the strategy that best suits your personality; risk aversion, time frames, trading style, and convenience

  22. for anyone who asks how withdrawals work: let’s say you deposit $ 100 with a credit card or something, and then you turn that $ 100 into $ 1000 via binary, forex, etc., you can only withdraw $ 100 if you want to use your credit card (visa, mastercard, etc.). if you want to withdraw your profits too (as 110% of people would like 😂 ), you need to create an account for withdrawal

  23. Forex and binary options trading is really helping lives during this pandemic … I am happy to be part of those who have benefited from investing

  24. I made my first withdrawal with expertoption, it was easy for me to trade, but today I am so happy, congratulations

  25. I am still in the learning stage and would like to gain some knowledge about various trading brokers.

  26. This article about the review of the expertoption option is amazing and very informative, we get a lot of information from the article thank you for sharing this article

  27. Thank you so much for your article, I had doubts about the reliability of this broker, and you decided everything for me!

  28. Does anyone know what the maximum return from expertoption is? 96%? or more? I see different percentages for each asset, ok?

  29. Thank you for all the materials that you constantly upload, however, it is a pity that many scammers write in the comments

  30. God, this is really amazing !!!! I tried it in the real market and out of 30 trades I get 20 profit.

  31. It’s really awesome, I invested $ 4,500. On Monday and now, to check my wallet, this. Now 8500 is so great

  32. I actually started investing in Bitcoins with this broker, now I’m getting more than I expected

  33. Bitcoin is the most profitable investment on the Internet if you only trade with a professional broker.

  34. Last month I was also a beginner, but now I can boast of a couple of thousand earned on trading

  35. I tried this broker on the OTC and real market, and out of 30 trades I made 20 profits, and putting it all together, I spent no more than 2 hours … It’s amazing

  36. I noticed that after say an hour or a little more of playing and if in the process of that time you manage to win about 100 dollars

  37. listen, I earned $ 57, even though I’m 18. In short, this broker works thanks to the author, he helped a lot!!!!!

  38. I have a friend who does this, so all I hear from him is about all these strategies)very enthusiastic person

  39. First I didn’t believe it, but I tried it and made sure that it really works! thank you very much

  40. Thank you very much! A very good way to earn money, yesterday in just one evening $ 200, I will continue to use the site and I advise you

  41. I ordered a withdrawal to the card said from 1 to 9 days as the money will come I will tell you about the result!

  42. The broker withdraws without problems) however, it is better to withdraw no more than $ 300 at a time)

  43. On the map, the output is not instantaneous I have been waiting for 3 days, but we have already arrived!

  44. on expertoption c 20 years there are no problems but such a yield during the day I have never seen although in trading from 11 to 15, at night it is boring

  45. Once again, I am convinced that you are really the best broker that I have seen, this broker has helped me earn more than one 1000 $!

  46. There are many reviews and articles on this broker on the Internet and it became clear to everyone that this is not a scam!

  47. Useful information. Lucky me I found your site accidentally,
    and I’m stunned why this coincidence did not came about earlier!
    I bookmarked it.

  48. Трейдеры сравнивают две платформы ExpertOption и iqoption, трейдерам больше нравится ExpertOption !!!

  49. I didn’t receive a confirmation letter for a long time after registration, but it turned out that it got into spam!

  50. I just want to say thank you for this great website. I found a solution here on expertoption-scam for my issue.

  51. Somehow I doubted starting to work with these guys, but fortunately everything is going well and well now and I get money steadily all that I earn

  52. I had no problems with the withdrawal, although at first there were doubts, but after the first or second payment they all disappeared

  53. I enjoy working with Expertoption, because the main thing in brokers today is the reliability and adequacy of support, and here everything is at the highest level

  54. Those who are familiar with technical analysis can analyze candlestick charts and follow a strategy of systematic trading and consistent earnings.

  55. Forum is main thing that we are looking for. I found some answers to my questions on this website and I may say big thanks for great broker review.

  56. I quickly passed the registration and now I need to pass the verification, what documents do I need to attach?

  57. I have a question, let’s say I deposit $10 today and want to withdraw it immediately, will there be any additional fees?

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