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Strong review and check up of most popular binary options and Forex forums with notices that some traders like Expert Option and some traders don’t like at all. Of Course you have to understand that mostly traders don’t like write positive comment because they don’t want do it at all but you can see they do it. It’s looks really good!

Comment from forum about ExpertOption

expertoption forum 1

Some trader write that its most important to study trading before start trading. We also think that you need spend some time for education.

Expertoption and result

expertoption forum 2

Trader tell us some things that he used some robots for trading. Of course some traders uses robots for trading but we don’t recommend do it at all.

Investing to ExpertOption

expertoption forum 3

Trader tell us that he going invest some money to broker because he saw comment on the forum that friend trading here also.

Where to start trade?

expertoption forum 4

This guy don’t know where he can start to trade he wants find some opinion about brokers. We can say you that you can start with Expert Option.

About trading robots and ExpertOption

expertoption forum 5

It’s really risky use some robots for trading. Nobody earn with them. You have to trade your self to start earn.

Comment from Scambroker

expertoption forum 6

Top trader earned 25000 usd  long time ago and tell to traders that his balance so huge fo usual trader.

Scambroker user and

expertoption forum 7

Positive and negative post from traders on the forums about broker.

New comment from Scam Broker

expertoption forum 8

Question about withdraw. Everybody would like know about withdraw process and how much they can earn here.

ForexPeaceArmy forum post

expertoption forum 9

Trader didn’t know about bonus terms and started use the bonus. We strongly recommend read terms of each website and specially financial websites to be sure that is compatible for you.

Forex Peace Army forum cooment

expertoption forum 10

One of Asian trader sent us this comment on ForexPeaceArmy post. His eanglish not so good but we see that he withdraw his money from

Binary Options forum

expertoption forum 11

One of the top trader sent us great comment in the binary option forum with his crazy withdraw Expert Option balance.

Vietnamese trader withdraw from

expertoption forum 12

We just found post on the Forex forum. One trader was not so happy with his 6 withdraw and 1 deposit. As you can see he withdraw 6 time with sum 15,000,000 and deposited once with 1.000.000. So he multiply his money 15 times. Why he not happy? We made full invigoration and found that he didn’t recognize at the beginning his deposit. So we recommend most carefully check all your deposit and don’t complain brokers without reasons.

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