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ExpertOption trading platform has a lot of educational materials which can help traders in their beginnings. You can see all of those materials in ‘Education’ tab (Glossary, Trading Strategies, Technical analysis, Graphical analysis, Fundamentals analysis and Psychology of trading). ExpertOption collected all these information to help and bring up do date all beginning traders. This materials will help you to predict the graph movements which is hard without knowledge. The more you know the more you can earn from trading.

How  to start trade on ExpertOption?

expertoption platforms
Expertoption platforms

ExpertOption has a web platform where you can easily trade from any browser which you use. If you want to trade from a browser I recommend to trade from Google Chrome for the reason that most of professional traders are using Chrome because it is more stable. What is more, ExpertOption has apps for all devices as well. You can instal app and trade on your Windows PC or MacOS. Also, you can get app on you Android or IOS and trade on your mobile device. ExpertOption tries to make trading easy and available for everyone.     

Should i use DEMO for practice?

Expertoption demo practice
expertoption demo practice

ExpertOption gives a chance to every beginner to try out trading on a free demo account. To open demo account you will just need to click on the ‘Try free demo’ button. On this type of account money aren’t real, so you can not be afraid to lose them. Demo account has been made for practical purposes where you can try out strategies which you can use after on a real account. Note that everything on demo account such as graph movements and stocks are the same as on the real account, the only difference is that money are virtual. The good thing is if you lose all your money on demo account you can top up your account again with just one click on ‘Top up my account’.

Can i use Real account for practice?

expertoption real account education
expertoption real account education

For practise you can use only demo account. On the real account you can easily lose your real money because of the lack of knowledge. If you feel yourself comfortable and you think that you are ready to trade on real money, you can open real account. To do it you will just need to click on the ‘Open real account’ button which is placed on the top right side of the demo account page. However you can open demo account again whenever you want if you decided to check out some new strategies and etc.

Where can i find ExpertOption education

how find education
expertoption how find education

As i already have mentioned at the beginning ExpertOption has a lot of educational materials. To find them go to the menu at the top left corner of the home page and press on the button ‘Menu’.

expertoption education section
expertoption education section

Here select the ‘Education’ menu. On the right you will be able to see all the categories of education menu (Glossary, Trading Strategies, Technical analysis, Graphical analysis, Fundamentals analysis and Psychology of trading).

1 – Here you will be able to get familiar with all the meaning of the words such as ask, bull, currency pair and etc. Knowing all of these words will help you in your trading part.

2 – Here you will be able to see how the trading strategies work. ExpertOption provides you with 10 + best strategies for trading which will help you to earn more (Moving Average, Reversal, Breakout and etc). You will be taught how to trade with Lines, Candles and Bars.

3 – Technical analysis will show you how to analyse the graph in correct way. Professional traders did a great work in explaining all of these to you. Every text includes images and examples so you can understand the information more easily.

4 – Graphical analysis will help you to understand the Lines, Candles and Bars better. Different patterns will be shown on the images and will be explained if you need to BUY or SELL in this or another situation.  

5 – Fundamental analysis will give you the major information about trading. The basic situations and what to do will be explained. Also you will be able to know what some of the other unknown to you meanings are mean.  

6 – In Psychology of trading you will be explained about the market itself. What is trading and financial market? All of these on thirst view simple questions will be explained at Psychology of trading part.

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