Verification ExpertOption Account

ExpertOption verification account

First of all verification is a very important part of registration for traders. If you want to keep your trading account in safe you will need to pass a verification process. What is more, If you want to open a real account on ExpertOption trading platform it is necessary to pass a verification process. ExpertOption is a serious financial service and you need to be honest with them for your own good.

Why do i need pass verification?

You will need to pass the verification process because of Terms & Conditions and KYC. You will not be able to withdraw money if you didn’t passed the verification. Verification will allow ExpertOption to confirm the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by trader during the registration process. You will need to provide the following information: Photocopy of your passport or ID with your photo on it. A proof of that account really exists. For example you will need to send a scan of your bank card from both sides. All verification process will last for about 10 working days after ExpertOption receives your request.

What is KYC?

expertoption kyc profile
expertoption kyc profile

Know Your Customer (KYC). KYC verification is a business identifying process which is verifying each client’s identity. This term is also used when you need to refer to a bank and anti-money laundering regulations by what all these activities are governed by.   

What kind of documents should provide?

expertoption kyc documents
expertoption kyc documents

You will need to provide different documents depending on the method of deposit.

1 – For example if you want to make a deposit with your debit or credit bank card you will need to send a photocopy of your passport or ID with your picture on it, Utility bill and a photo of your bank card from both sides.

2 – Nevertheless if you would like to make a deposit from your e-wallet (WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex.Money and etc.) you will need to provide a photocopy of your passport or ID with your picture on it.

Why my documents was rejected?


ExpertOption may reject your documents for the following reasons:

1 – First and the most popular reason is that a photo quality of a document is bad. You need to make a good photos of your documents in a good quality in order to ExpertOption was able to read the information and see your photo on a passport or ID.

2 –  The second reason of rejected documents can be that you are younger than 18 years old. ExpertOption is a serious financial service which allowed only for people who are over 18.

3 – Third reason of rejection is incorrect documents which you have uploaded. You need to be concentrated and do what you are asked to do.

4 – And the last reason is when you upload not your documents. I will repeat myself, ExpertOption is a serious financial service and I recommend to honest with them.

If you are over 18 years old and you will send your real documents, I mean the correct ones, which ExpertOption asks you about, and if the will be in a good quality, there will be no issues to verify your identity.  

Can i make deposit without verification?

expertoption kyc first deposit
expertoption kyc first deposit

As soon as you have registered your account you will be able to make the first deposit. You will only need to select the deposit amount, method of payment, put a tick that you agree with all Terms & Conditions, Refund policy and Payment info policy of ExpertOption and press on the ‘CONTINUE’ button. You will only need verification for the withdrawal. You can’t withdraw money from your account if you didn’t send your documents and get verified by ExpertOption.

Can i withdraw money without verification?

expertoption withdraw money kyc
expertoption withdraw money without kyc

You will not be able to make a withdrawal without of verification of your identity. The same, you will not be able to make a withdrawal if didn’t made your first deposit. I recommend to send all required documents to ExpertOption as soon as possible. Verification process will last no longer that for 10 days if you do everything correctly.  

How do I change my home address?

expertoption change address
expertoption change address

ExpertOption is a regulated broker and they conform to all of the requirements for financial institutions of this type. One of the important requirements is that every trader must use his real personal data. You can’t change your home address or any other information if your account was already verified. If you haven’t sent documents for a verification of your identity yet or your account is now in verification process, you will need to understand that ExpertOption need your personal information in order to provide you with fast withdrawals and be sure that your funds are under secure.

However if you would like to verify your new address you will need to upload a new documents to your personal profile.

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  1. Great review i passed ExpertOption verification on the mobile app during 24 hours. First id was declined because of bad qualiy but last uploaded id was ok and i be able withdraw all my money to my e-wallet account. So Verification take not so long time.

  2. Were should we send our photocopies of our passport with our photo and a photo of our bank card to? I don’t have a utility bill on my name, so what should I do?

  3. Good day, I am Nipun Tharindu Ananda from Sri Lanka. I want to verify my account but I only have National Identity Card issued by the Government of Sri Lanka. how?The National Identity Card of Sri Lanka is printed only in Sinhala and Tamil. Isn’t this a problem? After I submitted my problem to Skrill, they gave me the opportunity. I can also provide a bank pass book.

  4. May I do my verification before depositing into my real account ? Then please send step by step of verification process .
    Thank you very much.

  5. Hi
    I can’t go through the email verification process.I did everything bt the email verification process takes too long and doesn’t go through

  6. I deposited my money without verifying my email confirmation and my money was gone into my bank account so please can o have it back because am stressed about my money

  7. I don’t have the original ID I’ve been using a temporary one but somehow it’s getting rejected. And I can’t apply for a new ID due to the pandemic. Please help.

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    I already deposit my account..
    But i cant trade because of email verification

  9. good morning…
    the number on the card my bank less apparent or don’t appear but he’s got a date still clearly again….the problem is I want to create a spending can’t be the night can this morning can’t due to the number on the card my bank didn’t clear…but I don’t fit up kad such….please can help me.

  10. problem is frist bank card is rejected but my second bank card this message sent me(Please upload copies of your documents. We need to identify your personality according to AML&KYC policies.)pleace help me

  11. Am from botswana our ID here is in black and white so iv been getting rejects from expert option for quality. Please look this through i don have passport or drivers license ❗❗

  12. Hi, one of my bank card already lost,so I can”t verified my account but I already have proof from bank that my bank already cancel , can”t use anymore, if I want to cancel one of my bank card inside verified account, where to report or to whom

  13. Is been 5days now they said my documents are under review but on the platform it’s says 3days. Business is Business no disappointment 💯 please I need it to be confirmed so that I can make some 10k or loose 10k.thanks

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