November trading news

2017 november market news from ExpertOption broker

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ExpertOption: Trump visited China

Yuan is expected to rice against dollar. Registered unemployment is rising in Catalonia. November 22ng US Core Durable Goods Orders. November 23th: German GDP and Manafacturing PMI. November 24th US – The Day After Thanksgiving. 4.11% of addresses own 95.89% of Bitcoin.

ExpertOption: Oil prices keep falling

EUR/GBP stays at 4-week tops. Oil prices keep falling. Kaspersky Blockchain-based voting system. November 28th: UK Gross Domestic Product. November 29th: US Gross Domestic Product. China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index. November 30th: Europe Consumer Pricce Index. China produces more gold that any other country – 270 tonnes a year. South Africa mines 156.5 tonnes of platinum. 3495 tonnes of silver comes our of Peru.

ExpertOption: Bitcoin $9500 an asset bubble?

Bitcoin rose above thr 9500 usd level. Crude oil prices settle higher hitting 58usd a barrel. Facebook to open Nigerian hub next year. December 4th: Australia interest Rate Decision. December 6th: Canada interest rate decision. India interest rate decision. December 7th: Japan gross domestic product. December 8th: US Unemployment rate. 7 new cryptocurrencies at ExpertOption are Ethereum, Rupple, Dash, Monero, Bitgold, ZCash, Tether. Biggest vatiety of cryptocurrencies.

ExpertOption: Crude Oil prices continue to slide

Crude Oil prices continue to slide. Mexico economy shrinls for first time. Uber to partner with Mahinda. December 12th: Germany ZEW Economic Sentiment. December 13th: China Industrial producation. December 14th: Bank of England interest rate decision. European cantral bank interest rate decision. December 16th: South Africa – Day of Reconciliation. Turkish Lira is one of the weakest currencies. The Lira continues to lose its position.

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