ExpertOption aug news

ExpertOption monthly added news and send us most interesting of the to us to add them on our community website for traders review.

Broker provided us with latest news from 2nd week of agust 2017. Top countries by trading volune. In the top UAE, Turkey, China, Thailand, India. Trading news is Bitcoin for this week goes up but Bitcoin cash goes down. Oil Brent hits higest since May. Gold prices at 2month highs. Did you know that you can open one deal on the up trend and another one on the down trend and double your deposit.

New trading tools and news from ExpertOption

Hottest news form the 3rd week of august. New features at the expertoption broker. Added new trading instrument Bitcoin Cash. Explanation of trading line on the trading platform and lead board. Trading news is Mexicos peso wakens for 1usd is 17.6104. Yen rises with stock unclear market mood. Britain plans on second phase of Brexit talks. Indicator RSI explanation how to use and setup.

Story of millionaire and bitcoin news

News from – 4th week of Agust 2017. Best trader of thr week and his name is Kuan-ting and he made 51286 for few days. Trading news is North Korea fires missile over Japan. Bitcoin again hits all-time highs. Bitcoin Cash falters. Euro rises for first time since January and 1 euro cost 1.2 usd. Did you know that Paul Tudor made $100 millions on trading?

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